December 30, 2010

Happy 100!

My Etsy shop,, has reached 100 sales in the year 2010!  I opened up this shop at the end of March, 2010, so all one hundred sales came in this year.  Not bad!

Thanks to all my supporters!

December 21, 2010

Spring/Summer 2011 Color Forecast

I've noticed that designers and retailers are starting to show off PINK as the next big color.  I wanted to see what else was popular for the coming season.  Pantone is a company that focuses their work on finding out what those top colors are.  Designers pay them top dollar to be able to provide their retailers with the next things that will sell big.  After the news has been out for several months, and designers have gotten their new lines ready to showcase, those colors are available to the public for free. Here's what in store for the coming new year!

First there is Honeysuckle, a bright pink shade.  This is considered the big, main color for the year 2011.
Also featured are Russet, Coral Rose, Regatta, Peapod, Blue Curacao, Beeswax, Lavender, Silver Peony, and Silver Cloud.

I love this palette of colors!  It's so bright and fun, and each work great in combination and as individual colors coupled with standard basics (black, white, denim and cream).

What do you think of the new color choices?  Which is your favorite?

December 15, 2010

Me and My Twin

I whipped up two crocheted sweaters this week - and just in time!  It's been raining here (that means it's warm) instead of snowing, but last night it snowed!  We showed off our sweaters today while also wearing matching khaki pants.  Well, my husband always said that he wanted our child to be a little version of me! :)

More pictures and modification details can be seen at my Ravelry Projects page.  Look up the Long Sleeved Cardigan and the Quick Sweater.
The adult woman's sweater is from a pattern by Monica Brown.  It's available as a PDF download here.  I chose this pattern because the double-breasted front gives coverage and room for my growing maternity belly.  Also, the buttons only close at the top, so that made sense for my changing shape as well.  I modified it by using worsted weight yarn which changed the number of rows before the sleeve separation.  I also Made the sleeves longer and the body longer.  I have so much of this yarn on-hand that I could do that!  And then, I decided to use some more and make a coordinating sweater for my little girl!

The baby sweater is a modified version of the vintage pattern here.  This pattern calls for very thin yarn, so with the worsted weight yarn, I work up less rows altogether.  I also changed the neck opening/button band to be asymmetrical.  Then I picked three buttons for each sweater that looked alike (but the ones on mine are bigger!).  I think they turned out really nice! :)

December 10, 2010

Holiday Goodies #8

I made some Peanut Butter Cups a couple of years ago, but they turned out too rich so I hadn't made them again.  However, this year I tried them again (followed one part of the recipe that I hadn't, and changed another part), and they turned out so yummy!  The recipe recommends using a mini cupcake/muffin pan, but I only have a regular size pan.  That makes 12 *huge* peanut butter cups! Yummy! I've been asked to share the recipe.  I got the original from, but I've used my changes in the instructions below.  Also, I have to warn you that they will melt in your hands!

Peanut Butter Cups
        1 c. creamy peanut butter, divided
        4.5 tsp. butter, softened
        3/4 c. powdered sugar
        1/2 tsp. salt
        2 cups (12 oz) semisweet chocolate chips
        4 milk chocolate candy bars (1.55 oz each), coarsely chopped
        In small bowl, combine 1/2 cup peanut butter, butter, powdered sugar and salt until smooth; set aside.
        In a small microwaveable bowl, combine the chocolate chips, candy bars and remaining peanut butter;  microwave for 1 minutes on high. Stir.  Microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring between until smooth.
        Drop teaspoonfuls of warmed chocolate mixture into paper-lined mini muffin cups. Top each with a scant teaspoonful of peanut butter/sugar mixture; top with another teaspoonful of chocolate mixture.
        Refrigerate until set (a couple of hours is plenty). Transfer to airtight container or gallon-size zip bag.  I store them in the fridge to keep them from melting.

December 09, 2010

Front Page Feature!

My shop was included in a list of picks today!  Thanks to JarosDesigns who created a beautiful treasury!  For those who missed it, here's what it looked like:  

December 05, 2010

Piggy Peeps Baby Shoes *Pattern*

UPDATE: Do you need to make some cute booties for a BOY? Check out my free pattern: Baby Booties for Boy or Girl!  

Here is a blog-post version of my Piggy Peeps baby shoes pattern.  You may print a copy of this post.  Click on a photo to enlarge. The pattern is also a free PDF via Ravelry.  You will need the latest version of Adobe to open the PDF.   Please do not sell or redistribute pattern as your own. 

Piggy Peeps

AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties
If you have questions about this pattern or need help with a particular problem, let me know! I'm happy to answer any questions.  You can leave a comment below or email me at                                                               Access FREE PDF here.

Yarn:  Peaches & Crème/Sugar ‘n Cream 4-ply Worsted cotton yarn.
Skeins: One skein is plenty to complete a pair, but you will need more than one skein for contrasting colors.
Hook: 3.75 mm (F) hook results in a 3.5” (9cm) long shoe
 4 mm (G) hook results in a 4” (10 cm) long shoe
 5 mm (H) hook results in 4.5” (11.5 cm) long shoe
Other: Yarn needle, Ribbon= 2 at 18” (46 cm) long

Rnd 1: Ch 12. 
Sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Sc in each of next 7 ch.  Hdc in the next ch, 2 hdc in the next, and 5 hdc in the last ch.
Do not turn.  Work around other side of foundation chain.
2 hdc in next ch, 1 hdc, sc in each of next 7 ch.  2 sc in last ch (in same ch as beginning sc).  Sl st to first sc. (28 st)
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties
Rnd 2: Ch 1
2 sc in first st. Sc in next 10 sts. (2 sc, 1 sc) 3 times.
Sc in next 9 sts.  2 sc in next st, 1 sc in last st.  Sl st to first sc. (33 st)
Rnd 3: Ch 1
           2 sc in first sc. Sc in next 11 sts
(2 sc, 1 sc) twice, (1 sc, 2 sc) twice, Sc in next 11 sts. 2 sc, 1 sc in last st.
Sl st to back lp of first sc. (39 st)
Rnd 4: Work Back Loops on this rnd only.
Ch 1
           Sc in 16 sts, ch 5.  Skip 6 sts, sc to end of rnd.
Sl st to first sc. (33 st, 1 sp)
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby BootiesAnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties
Rnd 5: Ch 1
           Sc in 15 sts, skip 1 st, 5 sc in sp, skip 1 st, sc to end of rnd. 
Sl st to first sc. (36 st)
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties
Rnd 6: Ch 1
           Sc in 15 sts, skip 1 st, sc2tog, skip 1 st, sc2tog, skip 1 st, sc to end of rnd.
Sl st to first sc.
Rnd 7: Ch 1
           Sc in 7 sts, skip 1 st, sc in next 16 sts, skip 1 st, sc to end of rnd.
Sl st to first sc. (30)
Fasten off.

With right side facing, attach yarn to shoe with sc 2 sts back from where fastened off.
Row 1: Sc in 5 sts, turn. (5 sts)
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties
Row 2 –6:
              Ch 1
              Sc in 5 sts, turn. (5 sts)
              Fasten off, leaving a 5” (12.5 cm) tail.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties

Fold in half forward to form a loop, and sew to outside of shoe in first row of loop. 
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties

INSOLE (recommended option)
Do the same as SOLE Rnds 1 through 3.  Attach to inside of shoe with wrong side facing each other (right sides of stitches showing for the insole).

Pull ribbon through loop, using a yarn needle.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties

Add contrasting color border, flowers, buttons or embroidery.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: FREE Crochet Pattern Piggy Peeps Baby Booties

If you used and appreciated this or any other free pattern on my site, please consider donating (link above right) or purchasing via my Ravelry Shop.  Thanks!

Copyright © 2010 AnnaVirginia Fashioneering
This pattern is licensed for personal use only. 
No item made using this pattern may be sold.
All Rights Reserved.

December 04, 2010

Holly Day Blog Hop Details

Check out all of the fabulous holiday-themed projects, gift ideas, and more from our wonderful EtsyMom Blog Hop Contributors from around the world!!

Here's how it works:
1. Hop through each of the blogs listed above to get fabulous holiday inspiration and leave a comment. If you are starting at a blog in the middle of the Hop, start back at the EtsyMom Blog. You may have to scroll down a bit on the blogs to find the Blog Hop posts as the week progresses.
2. Leave a comment on the EtsyMom Blog post between now and December 11, 2010.
3. Enter to win our giveaway by doing any of the following. For each thing you do, you will be entered into the drawing one more time:

~Leave a comment on the EtsyMom Blog post between now and December 11, 2010.
~Leave a comment on the Holly Day Blog Hop posts for any of the blogs listed above between Dec 5 and Dec 11, 2010.
~Join the EtsyMom Blog email list (fill out the form in the right hand column).
~Become a follower of the EtsyMom Blog! Just click the "Follow" button in the lower right column.
~"Like" the EtsyMom Facebook Page.

Share about this Blog Hop on your own blog, posting a link to this page.
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To let us know you've done these things, please come back to the EtsyMom Blog post and leave a comment for each thing you did.
Sorry - you cannot enter the giveaway here on my blog.

On December 11, 2010 we'll choose a winner using the Random Integer Generator from The winner will receive this super sweet gift basket full of handmade holiday goodies, including:

a pair of Turquoise Earrings from
a lampwork bead bracelet by
sterling silver and Swarovski pearl/crystal holiday earrings by
a cream colored cotton scarf given by
a raincloud ornament from
a matching splat mat and baby bib from
two pair of earrings from
a gift pack of over 30 pages of vintage paper ephemera by
a lovely sustainable stocking from
a set of holly jolly gift tags from
a set of toddler pajamas in a style of the winner's choice from
a $15 gift certificate from
A gift certificate from http://babyswank.etsy,com/
A Custom copper heart necklace from
Just a day away from our Holly Day Blog Hop! Beginning Sunday, you'll have a chance to visit several of our EtsyMom blogs to find out what they are cooking up for the holidays, from yummy recipes to fun tutorials, you won't want to miss this! And we know you all love some handmade goodness, so one lucky winner will receive a gift basket stuffed with everything from hand crafted jewelry, paper goods, vintage ephemera, baby gear, holiday decor and more! See you here on Sunday!

December 01, 2010

Holiday Goodies #7

Winter Wonderland! The weather outside is chilly, and I've got blankets within reach throughout our house.  I love getting all cozied-up and listening to Christmas songs and sipping hot cocoa.  I love this time of year!

I've been trying to gather all of my ideas and make gifts for my family.  Check out this cool, free pattern I found: Chapstick/Lip Balm Holders by Kristy Ashmore!  She is offering it for personal use, so don't sell the finished product (you can buy them from her on Etsy, here). 

Another project that I'm thinking about is the crocheted bath poof.  These things used to cost a dollar at the store, but now they are more like 2 dollars or more!  Wouldn't that be neat to make your own?  Or another idea is to bundle items to make a bath gift set and include a handmade poof!  The pattern is Bath Puff by Priscilla Hewitt.

One more cute idea for the crochet-gifter is the Donut Pin Cushion by Nevadamama.  What a cute gift for your sewing friends and family that really lets people know that you think they are sweet.  Include a couple of pins when gifting so that they will know that it's a pin cushion; they really look like sprinkles on top!  This gift is great for giving away since it won't spoil or add more calories. :)
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