May 17, 2012

Flower Pot

I picked up some potting soil and plants that grow well in the desert to put in my large, outdoor flower pot.  Here’s how it turned out!  I love it!
Flower Pot - AnnaVirginia FashionFlower Pot - AnnaVirginia FashionFlower Pot - AnnaVirginia Fashion

May 05, 2012

My Mini Kitchen

I’ve found a lot of great do-it-yourself children’s kitchens out there, and I decided that I would make one for my two kiddos!
Mini Kitchen - AnnaVirginia Fashion
I found a table at the thrift store for $5.00.  I also picked up the pie pan (to use as the sink) for $2.00.  I couldn’t find any faucets, so I picked up the cheapest one at Walmart for $10.00.
Mini Kitchen - AnnaVirginia Fashion
My husband spray painted the table white for me.  I had red and black paints on-hand, so I used those to draw the stove-tops. We glued on knobs for now, but sometime we’ll make them more use-able. Actually, we’re thinking to upgrade this kitchen soon… My husband has plans to add flashing red led lights that will flash when the knob is turned. Sounds fun! But to avoid waiting until then to let the kids play with the kitchen, we decided to “finish” it for now.
Mini Kitchen - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Cutting the hole for the sink wasn’t very fun, but we made it work. The MDF shredded to pieces, but I covered the shreds with wood glue and hot glue.
Mini Kitchen - AnnaVirginia Fashion
I think it all turned out pretty good! Here they are playing with the new kitchen!
Mini Kitchen - AnnaVirginia Fashion
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