September 25, 2013

Ripple Afghan

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Ripple Afghan
I had some yarn I’ve acquired from both of my grandmothers who loved to crochet.  After each had passed away, I ended up with a bit of their yarn collections.

I didn’t know what to do with some of the yarn that I wasn’t particularly fond of!

It’s been years since I’ve had these yarns, and I finally decided I had time for a bigger project.  I decided an afghan was the way to go.  I’d used this pattern before, and thought it was great.  I recommend it!

The original pattern is called Ripple Beige Afghan by Bernat (login required, but it's free to join).  It’s a free PDF download.

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Ripple Afghan

The yarns I used were:

I really like ripple afghans these days.  I especially love the chevron blankets that are popular now!  Here are some more free ripple afghan patterns:
AnnaVirginia Fashion - Ripple Afghan

September 12, 2013

Matching Monkey

Matching Monkey - annavirginiafashion.comA few months back, I posted about some fleece blankets that I made for my kids.  Since then, I’ve been working on making some matching stuffed animals to go with them.  First I did a monkey, and soon I’ll finish a penguin.

This monkey has really long legs and arms and tail that are great for tying together to have him hang on to things, just like a monkey would.  His face, hair and ears match the face on the applique of the green blanket.

I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Barley and Cream. It turned out way cute and he’s good for snuggling.  This was a gift for my son, and my daughter keeps reminding me that I need to finish the penguin for her!

Matching Monkey -
Matching Monkey - annavirginiafashion.comMatching Monkey -
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