October 21, 2010

Avocado Inspiration

I'm working on my latest project... and it's for me.  I have to make things for myself every once in a while, otherwise it gets too hard to give away all of my creations (even if they paid). 

I'm working on a bag that I've made before, but I wanted to make one for myself in good ol' avocado - a very popular color of the 70s in house appliances and carpet.  Even though it's not popular for the same items, it's been a color-of-choice for handbags and purses lately. 

This pattern is also a big hit, and so I'm really excited to put the two together.  It should be done before the weekend is over, as long as my baby lets me work on it!  I've made a treasury showing colors that represent what I hope this color of the new bag will look like.  Yum!

I'll post a picture tomorrow (lighting will be better - sunlight versus incandescent/fluorescent bulbs), and let you see the work in progress.  Unless I'm already done with it by tomorrow!  Then I'll show the finished product. :)

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