October 18, 2010

Baby Sweaters

I just decided that the weather was cooling down, and my baby only fits in a couple of sweaters/jackets that I've got. Considering she's a baby learning to eat finger-foods, she needs more! Just so happens that I have lots of perfect yarn on-hand - I just needed a few cute patterns to make some cute sweaters!

The first pattern is available here. The original design uses fingering yarn, but I used sport-weight yarn, which is thicker. I separated the sleeves at row 7 instead of at row 11. I then did enough rows until it fit well (and I ran out of yarn). This took a little less than one skein of TLC Baby Yarn (this one is in LIME). Pretty cute, huh?

The second pattern is a pdf available here. I used Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in AUBERGINE. Pretty shade of purple, isn't it? I love it. And the yarn is anti-pilling (no fuzz balls!), and is ultra-soft even though it's made of acrylic (funny that we make fibers out of plastic)! I found a couple of errors in the pattern, though, and made these corrections:

The Bobble instructions say (error is italicized):
“BOBBLE: Insert hook in indicated st, yo, pull lp through, ch 3, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook,
insert hook in same
st, yo, pull lp through, insert hook in next st, yo, pull through 2 lps on hook. (Bobble is worked across 2 sts.)”
I was left with 3 lps so I pulled through all three. Made a cute bobble as I did it!

The next one is simple, but it still confused me! Under the instructions for the Left Button Band, it starts saying that you’re working on the edge of the Right Front only… pretty sure they mean LEFT FRONT! (Otherwise, how would it be the Left Button Band?)

I've already had a lady tell me that themodifications helped her, and she won't have to un-do her work yet-again. Yay!

They worked up really fast. Even with a baby who suddenly wants me to hold her constantly, I was able to finish the LIME sweater in one day, and the AUBERGINE sweater in two days. The buttons and ribbon (on the LIME one) add finishing touches. Love them!


  1. Love the sweaters. I will enjoy looking at what you are doing - and having a new source for patterns!

  2. Yeah Anna! Congrats on getting this going!


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