October 29, 2010

Holiday Goodies #3

Making handmade gifts for most members of the family can be pretty simple: cute accessories for the ladies, little clothing for the babies, and even for the home you can make some nice things, too. 

However, for the men in our lives, handmade gifts can be tricky.  Men who like accessories are usually picky about style and color, and other men avoid acceossories as much as they can (no scarves, no hats).  So, what can someone make for a man in their life?  I've come up with a few ideas to hopefully help with this tricky situation.

  • Make a wallet out of duct tape.  These can be pretty creative or pretty basic, depending on the taste of the receiver.  What a crazy and cool project!
  • If the man has an office space, a handmade calendar may be a great idea.  This is a gift that kids can help out with, too.  Follow the link to print out calendar pages and then draw pictures or create collages from family photos to correspond with each month.
  • A way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so tickle his taste buds and make your man a cake/cookie mix in a jar.  Put all of the dry ingredients in an airtight container.  Say that you'll make the treat when he requests it.  Follow the link to have a list of ideas along with respective instructions.  Hopefully most ingredients are things you already have on-hand!
  • For the guys who like accessories, you can always make:
  • Make a couch caddy for the movie-buff.  This helps keep remotes at a comfortable distance (and means you won't have to find them lost under the cushions...) 

There are several ideas to get the creative juices running.  :)

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