October 27, 2010

Versatile Knit Sweater

My knit sweater is progressing; especially considering all of the other projects I’m doing (ear flap hats, keeping my websites current, cleaning my house…)!  Check out my past post on the sweater to get a link to the pattern. I’ve got past the sleeve separation, and so now I’m working on the body.  It’s starting to look like a sweater!  So here is an updated photo of the progress.

With the sweater having sleeve openings and longer cables (finally), I can try it on and see how it fits for size.  Then I know whether I need to adjust the increases/decreases on the pattern or not.
Also, I’ve got a close-up photo of the cool stitching that is across the yoke of the sweater.  It’s done by going through the back loops (instead of traditional front loops) with the coordinating purl or knit stitches.

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