November 07, 2010

Baby BYU Hat - HOW TO - Phototutorial

A lady asked me several weeks ago to write up a pattern for the baby boy hats that I make.  I did, and I've gotten lots of sales on that pattern!  Thanks for the idea, Carrie! She also wanted to know how I did the "Y" on the hats, so here's a photo tutorial explaining what I did. 

You'll need a hat that's already crocheted (follow links for patterns to my hats), a piece of contrasting yarn, and a yarn needle (they are thick, blunt needles with a big eye).

Here's a close-up look at the hat I did, and a sketch of the stitches.  Also, the BYU logo is there to show you the "Y" that I was trying to copy. You should be able to click on the pictures and get a bigger image.  You can then print off a copy so that you can follow the stitch pattern.

I started at the bottom four stitches, so that I could anchor where the "Y" was going to sit.  You might also try starting at a different position, but that's what worked for me.

Next I proceeded up the trunk of the "Y" and this part was pretty simple.  I'd probably suggest doing the other side of the trunk at this time as well, because it might be easier to match-up the arms of the "Y" later on.

Just finish the sides of the arms of the "Y."  If you did like me, you'll need to still finish the other side of the trunk.  It was a little tricky here for me to see where the left arm of the "Y" needed to end, and I was running low on the yarn I'd cut!

A finished "Y!"  Now, you'll see this lovely "girl-version" of the BYU hat in my shop shortly. :)

Let me know if you have questions!  Hopefully the pictures help - I don't know what else to say with them that makes much of a difference!

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