November 05, 2010

Etsy Teams

What are Etsy Teams and what are they good for?

If you're an Etsy seller, it's a great way to connect with veterans of the system, find others who are similar in lifestyle or location to you, and network to hopefully boost your shop's popularity. 

The Winning Team
I'm in a couple of Etsy teams, and this is where you can find out about them:
EtsyMom Street Team
for moms who make handmade things
Handmade in Vegas
for crafters in Las Vegas
LDS Members of Etsy
for members or friends of the LDS Church who make things on Etsy

and I'm part of the charter members of a new group that makes Treasuries:
Selection Perfection

In Etsy words, Teams are:
Teams is a community feature on Etsy where you can connect with other members. With Teams, you can gather at the crossroads of our marketplace and community, meet people with common interests, and collaborate. The Teams feature makes it easy for you to join an existing team or to create, maintain, and promote a new one. It's also a way for shoppers to browse by theme or location and find shops that might interest them.
Read more here.

Etsy is changing the way they manage teams - this is great!  Most groups have had to make independent blogs, forums, social networks, and etc to connect it's members.  Team applications had to go through Etsy Admin, which would only go through once a month.  Now, Etsy has specific team pages that feature groups, with search capabilities and  more independent application process (within the team, rather than going up to the administration). 

Right now, teams are migrating into the new system.  It was opened to Etsy public on Tuesday earlier this week.  You can join or apply to teams that are set up, by looking through the teams that are available.  Soon, you'll be able to make your own teams via this system.

LOVE Nursing Necklace
I think teams are great, because I've found out so much more information in a shorter time than otherwise.  Thanks to my teams, I know about CraftCult, Craftopolis, two of many independent sites that help with keeping track of a shop.  I've also come to find many great shops like these:
Stones of Healing, Lil Princess Bowtique, Claire & Me, Hadlies Headbands, Time Captured, RubyVegas Designs and the list goes on....

So, checkout Etsy Teams today, and find out how they can help you.


  1. This is awesome. I've been thinking of starting a shop...but I'm so scared to actually make the commitment. Any other suggestions?

  2. Ooh, what are you wanting to sell? Definitely find a team, they are great to give you pointers on the best information (there's tons of info out there... very overwhelming). I actually suggest buying through Etsy before you start a shop. Then you know what it's like to be a buyer, so you'll be a better seller. Also, take a look at shops that sell items similar to what you're going to sell to see how they word things in their descriptions, what kinds of pictures they take, and what there policies are. You're not supposed to *copy* them, but you can definitely get ideas. :)


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