November 03, 2010

Holiday Goodies #4

Fingerless Gloves "Musica"
Something quick to make, very fashionable, and varying in degrees of challenge are Fingerless Gloves.  Since the fingers are omitted, these work up really fast (fingers add quite a bit of time!), and they can be personalized to match the recipient's personality and tastes.  The options are endless!

Check out this list for several ideas on knitted or crocheted fingerless gloves with free patterns. 

To access some of these patterns, you may need to become a member of Ravelry.  This is a free site linking knitters, crocheters, and weavers with patterns and designers from across the world.  If you are into these crafts in any way, I highly recommend joining.  It's a great site!

Baby Fingerless Gloves
Knit Patterns:
Baby Fingerless Gloves
Alice Mitts  (ravelry download)
Friendship Fingerless Mitts  (ravelry download)
I Heart Knitting Mitts  (ravelry download)
BonBons (ravelry download)
98-row Easy Fingerless Gloves (ravelry download)
Fingerless Gloves "Musica"
Jasmine Fingerless Mitts (ravelry download)
Rose's Fingerless Mittens (ravelry download)
Susie's Reading Mitts
Soft and Cuddly (ravelry download)
Cabled Bamboozle Mitts
Green Apple/Blueberry Mitts (ravlery download)
CanCans (ravelry download)

Martha Glove
Crochet Patterns:
Learn to Crochet Cuffs
Ria's Fingerless Gloves
Martha Gloves (ravelry download? I don't know if the pattern is available anymore, but it's simple enough to copy by looking at it, and it has a cute embellishment idea!)
Lacy Fingerless Gloves (ravelry download)
Crochet Lace Fingerless Gloves
Opera Sleeves

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