November 01, 2010

Too Many Awesome Ideas

Why do I love piling up projects upon myself?  :)

This past weekend I got two orders from two different moms who have (or are about to have) twin boys.  They both want my totally awesome Earflap Hats!  The first mom is from Kentucky, and her twins are due this week.  She wants them to look just like the hat in the first picture; brown, orange and cream.  The second mom is from Minnesota and her twins are six months.  She's got a photo shoot coming up, and wants them in coordinating hats; one will be brown, orange and cream, and the other will be navy, green and cream.  So cute!  Both moms love the tassels and pom poms.

In the midst of this, I finished my Avocado Hobo Bag, I'm working on a sweater for myself, and I've decided that I'm knitting gloves for my hubby.

He really likes leather gloves, but the ones we can afford don't fit.  Instead, I'm knitting some custom-fit gloves just for him.  I'm using size 3 knitting needles and using a 33 inch cable with the magic loop method.  I'm about half-way on the first glove, which is fit for the left hand.  I'm follow the pattern for the shape of the glove from Irish Moss Gloves by Andrea Krüß-Anders but using the diamond pattern on the top of the gloves from Manly Mitts by Sarah Chilson.


  1. How cute!!! And I know what you mean about piling on the Pile On!

    1. LOL! I don't think I'm content if I don't have at least a couple of projects being worked on! And as soon as one is finished, I'm already started on another! :)


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