December 15, 2010

Me and My Twin

I whipped up two crocheted sweaters this week - and just in time!  It's been raining here (that means it's warm) instead of snowing, but last night it snowed!  We showed off our sweaters today while also wearing matching khaki pants.  Well, my husband always said that he wanted our child to be a little version of me! :)

More pictures and modification details can be seen at my Ravelry Projects page.  Look up the Long Sleeved Cardigan and the Quick Sweater.
The adult woman's sweater is from a pattern by Monica Brown.  It's available as a PDF download here.  I chose this pattern because the double-breasted front gives coverage and room for my growing maternity belly.  Also, the buttons only close at the top, so that made sense for my changing shape as well.  I modified it by using worsted weight yarn which changed the number of rows before the sleeve separation.  I also Made the sleeves longer and the body longer.  I have so much of this yarn on-hand that I could do that!  And then, I decided to use some more and make a coordinating sweater for my little girl!

The baby sweater is a modified version of the vintage pattern here.  This pattern calls for very thin yarn, so with the worsted weight yarn, I work up less rows altogether.  I also changed the neck opening/button band to be asymmetrical.  Then I picked three buttons for each sweater that looked alike (but the ones on mine are bigger!).  I think they turned out really nice! :)


  1. Those look great. I'm amazed that you made those in a week.

  2. Thanks! I love creating and crocheting... it's my therapy :)


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