January 17, 2011

Fashion Design Hint #1 Button Closures

I've decided to start posting some hints on Fashion Design.  Some of these may be answers to basic questions or may let you know something you never considered!

Button Closures

The overlap of fabric under a button band is gender specific.  Did you know that?

Men's clothing always overlaps so the the fabric lays Left-over-Right (if you're wearing the garment).

Women's clothing varies.  The rule is that if you're wearing the garment, the fabric should lay Right-over-Left (one of my college professors says that women are always right, so that's how I remember which comes first).  This changes, however, mainly in jeans.  Jeans were originally made for men, so most women's jeans follow the rule for men's jeans.  Some other types of pants, like corduroys, may follow either the jeans rule or the women's rule.

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