January 05, 2011

Quick Creation: Crochet Kitty

My 13-month-old can say some sounds of certain animals.  This include cats, dogs and elephants.  We have stuffed toys of dogs and elephants (makes asking her to make the noise really fun!), but no cats! 

I decided to see if I might be able to make a little cat.  It worked up really fast!  I did it all in one day (yesterday), and showed it to her today.  She's already snuggled with it and says "meow" when she spots it!

Here's a link to the original crochet pattern by MarmaladeRose.  Her instructions are in British terms, so if you're from the USA, you'll need to make some modifications.  The USA equivalent to double crochet is half double crochet.  You can substitute hdc for her dc instructions.  The kitty that I made, however, has single crochet substituted.


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