June 04, 2011

Kindle Case

For Mother's Day this year, I was given a Kindle.  What a neat device!  I already love it, and carry it around everywhere (it's so lightweight!)

I keep it in my purse, which is full of everything.  That means that my keys and sunglasses and pocketknife and all sorts of things could damage my new Kindle.  So I made a slipcase for it!  It's made of crocheted cotton yarn (it's so soft and plush) for the outer layer, and then there are three layers of lining.  One layer is what shows through the crochet stitches, then next layer is a water-resistant fabric, and the third is a cute, coordinating fabric with a pocket.  The case is flexible enough to fit headphones in the pocket, if I decide to carry them around.

Take a look at the Kindle slipcase photos (click on image to see it larger) and let me know what you think!  I plan to post it at my Etsy Shop sometime soon, so let me know if there is interest.

For those who want to know Here's a list of what I've read so far and a few programs that I like!

*Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
*Through the Looking-Glass Lewis Carroll
*The Wentworth Letter Joseph Smith, Jr.
*Positively Crochet! Mary Jane Hall
*Sticky Notes Mobigloo
*Calendar Pro Jujuba Software
*Scrabble Electronic Arts Inc.

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