June 14, 2011

My Favorite Etsy Photos

Baby Girl Flapper Hat - Yellow
I've been editing some of the photos I've got for my Etsy shop.  Some of them are real keepers, especially since they are of my own babies.  What a fun time I've had taking a bunch of pictures of these wiggly kids so that I can have a couple turn out!  I don't think I would have tried so hard if I didn't have a public place for them to display items that I want to sell.

So, thanks to my beautiful models!  They don't always like the camera in their face, and they don't always like having to change outfits so fast. That's normal for babies, though.

Here are some of my top photos, as well as links to the item's listing at Etsy:

Let me know which picture and which items are you favorites!


  1. My favorite picture is the very top one of the sweet baby in the yellow hat with a paci. My favorite item is the crochet sandals...how clever! But all of them are really cute. :0)

  2. Thanks! That's my sweet baby, and she actually managed to fall asleep while I was taking pictures! And I love the crochet sandals, too - they are representative of leather sandals! :) Thanks for your compliments!


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