September 13, 2011

Help the Designer Design!

Here’s a SNEAK preview of one of the projects I’m working on:
I need to add a third color to this project, and would love to get a vote!  Pick your top choice in the poll below!  I’ll post the finished project once it’s completed with the top-choice color!  Vote until Sunday, September 18th! 

Decide as it loads: Black, Brown, Navy, White, Orange, Teal, Purple, Sage, Denim.


  1. my page took a minutes to load. while i was waiting I thought of the color I would vote for...and then it wasn't on the list! I can't vote now. I thought Teal, or Purple. Why no teal or purple on the list. Those would look great.
    Who's with me :)

  2. Yipes! I meant to vote for brown, but accidentally clicked black. So, uh, just keep that in mind. :)

  3. Haha, Emily and Tianna, I'll keep teal, purple and brown in mind!

  4. Creative Art by Me- Those three were my first choices too!

  5. Teal is the one :)


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