October 19, 2011

Tis the Season!

Winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere!

I'm happy to present my Ear Flap Hats yet again. Last year was the first year that I sold them and they have been so popular. I've sold them to neighbors, friends, and to buyers all over the country.

They are versatile in style - you can choose from a variety of colors! That way you can match baby's jacket or coat. They have a bit of stretch, which means that even with a growing baby, they fit all winter long, and maybe even another winter after that!
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They are made of 100% cotton yarn, which means they are soft. The "fabric of our lives" is less prone to cause itching, and provides warmth that natural fibers give best.

Tassels add a fun Peruvian look and pom poms add traditional winter charm. However, the hat can be made with or without the pom pom and with or without the tassels - it's up to you!


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