December 11, 2011

Baseball Baseball Hat

DSCN6695Hehe, what a cute idea!  I must admit, though, that it wasn’t mine.  A customer of mine had seen something on Pinterest and wanted to have me do it for her.  She ordered one of my Baby Boy Brimmed Baseball Hats and she wanted two red stripes that look like a baseball.

I schemed and came up with an idea.  I found pictures of baseballs and I even found a couple of photos of other yarn hats that had a baseball-type detail.  I made the hat, and then I stretched that hat over my baby’s head so I could show you everyone what it looks like before I mailed it off.  They are nighttime pictures, so they aren’t the best – But, you can still tell that it’s adorable!


Order your own custom hat here:

Or purchase my pattern and make your own:



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