March 29, 2012

Color-Block Curtains

AnnaVirginia Fashion: Color-Block CurtainsThese make me so happy!  I made another set of curtains (but I only made three instead of four – I just didn’t like them enough to finish the last one!), but they just weren’t meshing with my style.
Our kitchen has three HUGE windows and another window over the sink.  That makes FOUR windows, and they face south and west, which makes for a very BRIGHT kitchen in the afternoon hours (especially in sunny Las Vegas!).  To have enough fabric to cover the windows, I would have needed over 11 yards.  Ouch!  Especially when yardage is at least $10 for home fabrics.
So, in the first case, I made curtains solely using fabric on-hand and what I could find were two different yellow fabrics.  The first was a gingham check and the other was a tiny floral.  They were okay, but the rest of my kitchen is mostly red with touches of blue and white.  I suddenly hated going in the kitchen because I couldn’t figure out how to make it all match up! 
Finally I decided to make some entirely different ones and use some fabric that I have and buy the rest.  This made it so I only spent about $16.00.  I used cotton woven instead of home fabrics (the thicker stuff).  I used red and two blues from my supplies and bought the white from Home Fabrics for about $3.00/yard.  I love them!  Oh, and I made them “reversible” – meaning that if I wanted the white on top and the red on bottom, I can hang them that way, too.
Here they are, and in daytime and nighttime.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: Color-Block CurtainsAnnaVirginia Fashion: Color-Block CurtainsAnnaVirginia Fashion: Color-Block CurtainsAnnaVirginia Fashion: Color-Block Curtains


  1. Those are so beautiful! The yellow ones were pretty, but these really make a great statement in a kitchen. Red is a good kitchen color and the blues and white just fit so perfectly. I definitely say that it was worth the little money you payed. I can totally picture these in any home decorating magazine.

  2. What a great job! Thats beautiful.

  3. Great color choice... super classic and clean but still fun. I'm so impressed with your sewing!

    1. Nice post.I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up


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