June 03, 2012

“Fresh” Bouquet (and writing utensils!)

Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
I love bright flowers, but I don’t love the bugs that hang out in the flowers and I don’t like that fresh flowers wilt and make their water smell funny!
I also always need to find a pen, but since I’ve got two toddlers, I can’t really leave pens and pencils laying around.
So, to make myself happy and do something helpful, I made a bouquet of Pen Flowers for various places in my house to help me have some fresh looking flower (Silk flowers are making a comeback!), and yet have a handy pen around.
Here’s what they look like!
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia FashionFlower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
The first bouquet has big pink peonies and white roses, and they sit on the shelf in the living room.  The second picture shows pens that I made using the boutonnière/corsage from my brother’s wedding, and I have one on each nightstand in my bedroom. 
Here’s how to make these simple, cute pen flowers!
1. You’ll need flowers, pens, floral tape, beans and a vase
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
2. Get rid of the pen caps.  I used them for a little while, but the lids pull out beans when you take them out of the vase.
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
3.  Cut the flower stem a few inches in length.  Wrap the floral tape around the pen and stem.
 Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
4.  Using your fingers to press firmly on the floral tape, continue wrapping the tape down the length of the pen.  I usually go over the edge of the flower stem a few times to make sure that the wire doesn’t poke through.
 Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
5.  About an inch from the end of the pen, turn the floral tape direction to head back up the pen.
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
6.  Cover the top of the pen and pull the flower in tight.  Take the tape back down the pen for about and inch and tear it off.  Use your fingers to press the edge into the previous layer of tape.
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
7.  Repeat the steps for as many flowers as you’d like. 
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia Fashion
8.  Add beans to the vase, and arrange flowers in a decorative bouquet. (I also did three daisies while you weren't looking!)
Flower Pens - AnnaVirginia FashionAll done!  These flowers will sit in the kitchen!


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