August 11, 2012

The Zoo (for $25)

The Zoo (for $25) at AnnaVirginia Fashion
I saw an idea on Pinterest about making a “zoo” for you child’s stuffed animals.  We have two kids, and they have a handful of animals (a good portion are the toys Mommy and Daddy had when they were little!).  I have a wire shelf system that I got from Target a couple years back that I thought would be great to re-purpose for the toys. 
This wire shelf system is available here.  I thought mine cost less, though! I guess prices have gone up a bit.  However, you should only need one system, so for $25 you can have an easy zoo. (Price as of the date this post was written!)
The Zoo (for $25) at AnnaVirginia Fashion
Here it is without any toys in it yet.  It’s hard to see where the openings are, but they are only in the left bottom and upper right.  There is a “shelf” in the middle of the middle section, and there are openings between upper and lower sections on either side.

The Zoo (for $25) at AnnaVirginia Fashion
My lovely assistant could hardly wait to put in the toys!  He loves pulling things out and putting them back again… and again and again.  You can see he’s putting it into the upper-right hand opening.

The Zoo (for $25) at AnnaVirginia Fashion
See how easy that was?  And easy access for each of the kids to pull out the toys of their choice.  And put them back when they are done!

The Zoo (for $25) at AnnaVirginia Fashion
He’s running off with a bunny while giving it big hugs – such a sweetheart!
Can you see that the big tiger on the left is in the left-section gap?  This tiger could escape through the lower portion, or he could climb upward while staying in the left section.  It’s the same on the right-hand section. 
Also, in the middle section there is a shelf.  The big teddy bear is sitting on it.  I figured it was a good way to go, as it added extra support to the entire system and it also helped keep all of the little toys from falling to the very bottom.  That way it helps keep the toys easy to reach.
So there you have it!  My version of “The Zoo!”


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