September 03, 2012

The Shop at AnnaVirginia

Many of you may know that I have phased out of Etsy (it was great, but the time has come to switch!) and now run my Shop out of my own website.  

As of the date of this posting, I have 15 items that are listed in my Shop – they are ready-made, meaning that I have already created them and they are ready to ship!  

I also take custom requests based on things I’ve made in the past (look at my Shop’s items or at my Creations), and would love to hear about the perfect item you’re envisioning.  Just let me know through my Contact Form.

Here are the fifteen items and their links!  They come in nice packaging so they are ready to be given as gifts (just let me know that you want the price left off of the invoice!)
Baby Flapper-Girl Hat - Yellow
Baby Flapper-Girl Hat – Yellow
Piggy Peeps - Blue
Piggy Peeps™ – Blue
Lime Slice Shawl
“Lime Slice” Shawl
Big Hair Flower - Pink
Big Hair Flower – Pink
Baby Summer Sandals - Yellow
Baby Summer Sandals – Yellow
Sage Mesh Cloche
Sage Mesh Cloche
Baby Flapper-Girl Hat - Pink
Baby Ear-Flap Hat - Green
Baby Ear-Flap Hat – Green
Baby Christmas Flats - Green
Baby Christmas Flats - Green
Big Hair Flower - Blue
Big Hair Flower – Blue
Piggy Peeps - Red
Piggy Peeps – Red
Black Mesh Cloche
Black Mesh Cloche
Baby Flapper-Girl Hat - White
Baby Flapper-Girl Hat – White
Big Hair Flower - Blue Camo
Big Hair Flower – Blue Camo
Swirly Ruffle Scarf - White
Swirly Ruffle Scarf - White

The Details:

Items: These items are ready to go! They are already made, but keep in mind I strive to make my items as comfortable and stylish as possible.  I don’t mind working around custom specifications, so let me know your sizing; let’s make it fit!

Packaging: Items arrive in nice packaging, so they are ready to be presented as gifts.  Let me know if you need the price left off of the invoice.

Shipping: I ship via USPS First Class mail because it is the most affordable for speed.  If you prefer a different method or have a different time frame, send me a message and we’ll work it out.  Shipping costs are stated on each listing.

Payments: I accept PayPal and Google Wallet for payment.  Follow their respective links for information on how each method works.

Questions: Please Contact Me if you have an item requests or any other questions!

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