November 30, 2012

Halloween by Mom

Ladybug Girl and Bumblee Boy - AnnaVirginia FashionThis year my little girl was nearly THREE for Halloween.  This meant she understood the concept better than ever so far.  Probably mostly because she loves the Dora Halloween episode… But at any rate, I could ask her “What do you want to dress up as for Halloween?”  I asked if she wanted to be a cat like Dora and she said no… I asked if she wanted to be a butterfly and she said no… I asked if she wanted to be Cinderella and she said no (like that was a crazy idea!)… and I asked if she wanted to be a ladybug… YES!
So I started scheming on how to design a ladybug costume for an almost-three-year-old girl.  And to make a theme out of it, I decided I would dress our 20 month-old boy as a bumblebee.  This was going to be so cute!
When I’m designing from scratch, I take a while to collect my ideas and thoughts.  I look online to see if anything sparks an idea.  And I doodle out several ideas.  And I doodle out several items to complete the look (for example: I came up with antennas and which pants or tights they would wear).
Finally, I had an idea of yardage and we went to JoAnn’s.  I bought everything I needed and started cutting and sewing right away.  I made the ladybug tutu first.  That wasn’t hard, because I’ve made one in the past and so I did the same thing.  Here’s the pattern for the tutu, in case you want to use it.
Next I made the bumblebee costume.  It came together so well!  I roughly (really, really, really roughly) followed a pattern that I had acquired, but I had to change it a lot to fit a young toddler (the pattern was made for a 5-6 year old!).   I love how this piece came together!  I added snap tape for closures and a huge stinger!  I made him a striped hat in bumblebee style while teaching a friend how to crochet a hat, and so that’s how that came to be.  He loved the entire costume.  Pretty good, huh?
Ladybug Girl and Bumblee Boy - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Next came the ladybug wings.  I was slightly nervous to make these work, but in the end they turned out great!  I had to reposition the straps where they attached to the wings under her arms once, because they way I put them in at first held the wings open.  She looked like she was going to go flying off!  But ladybugs sit a lot, so I wanted the wings to sit nicer.  I love how they turned out!  And so does my daughter… she wore them all day and night (yes, I know) until Halloween!  But she let me wash them… as long as she could wear them the moment they were dry.  And I added a ladybug hat made of five crocheted squares with circles in the middle.
Ladybug Girl and Bumblee Boy - AnnaVirginia Fashion
My greatest satisfaction comes in that my kids loved the costumes as much as I did!


  1. Annie, literally, those those are the costumes David and I wanted to have. Have you all read the books about Ladybug girl and Bumblebee boy?

    1. I haven't read those, but it sounds like I should! Guess I'm not the first one to think that Ladybugs and Bumblebees go together - maybe I've seen them before and it was tucked away in my head. :)


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