August 16, 2013

Girly Dress Socks

Girly Dress Socks - www.annavirginiafashion.comMy kids love getting dressed up for church.  Both my daughter (she likes wearing dresses and frilly things) and my son (who wears a shirt, tie, slacks and vest with finesse) are aware that we dress up for certain occasions, even weekly!  And they love dressing up.

So much fun!  I love that both my kids enjoy their clothes.  Maybe it helps that I was dressing them up for church since they were newborns, even when it was hard to find clothes for their age.

Girly Dress Socks - Anyway, so it’s summertime in Las Vegas and it’s hot.  I like for my daughter to wear to wear tights, but tights are no good in the summertime.  So, instead, I decided to make some dress socks that she could wear.  She loves them!

I bought a package of Faded Glory 10 pack bobby socks from Walmart.  They did just the trick.  I also got the beads from Walmart, too.

Here are a couple of sources where I got ideas for the socks:Girly Dress Socks -

The third link has a pretty good pattern, but if you want to add beads, the other two links will help.  Basically, you string the beads onto the thread before you start crocheting.  Then you hook the crochet thread into the sock.  Crochet the pattern you want around the sock, pulling up a bead one at a time. 

 I only planned to make about three pairs like this from the package, but I had so much fun that I did all ten pairs!  Only eight pairs are pictured above, but I really crocheted edges on all twenty individual socks.

Girly Dress Socks -

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