October 24, 2013

I’m also Walt Disney…

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Mickey CostumeI brought Mickey Mouse to life last weekend as I finished this Mickey Mouse costume.  Seems like we have a Disney theme going on with my daughter’s Cinderella costume and my own Tinkerbell costume (I’ve used it for the last couple years… it’s nice when you’re not growing anymore and can reuse the costume year after year!).  And my husband wants to be a Jedi… until recently that wouldn’t have really been included in a Disney theme!

I bought the black shirt from Walmart.  It’s a Garanimals brand shirt in 3T. 

For the shorts, I used McCall’s M5836 (it is out of print, but it can be bought used from other sellers).  I lengthened the legs out a bit to be more boyish.  But it’s a basic short so it wasn’t terribly girly! 

I got the giants buttons on the from Joann’s.  They are so big that they come in singles, rather than in a pack.  Then I used Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread in black to sew on those huge buttons. 

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Mickey CostumeAnnaVirginia Fashion - Mickey Costume

For the Mickey Hat, I used a modified (adjust for a bigger size) version of my Peruvian Style Ear Flap Hat (Soon I will need to write a pattern for kids and adults!). Then I used a variation on the Mickey & Minnie Mouse inspired hat ears.  I jumped straight to the Ears portion and skipped the 6th row instructions and instead did it like the last row but with the number of stitches from the 5th.  If that makes any sense.  I used Black Cotton yarn and White Cotton yarn from Walmart.  The Red Cotton yarn is from Michael’s (the red at Walmart wasn’t bright enough).  The buttons were from a four-pack of buttons at Walmart.

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Mickey CostumeAnnaVirginia Fashion - Mickey Costume

Hopefully for Halloween he’ll actually wear the black leggings I’m planning on underneath the shorts!  He wasn’t in the mood to borrow them from his sister when I wanted to get pictures.

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