October 20, 2013

I’m Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Cinderella CostumeYep, I waved my wand and made a gown for the ball!  Or I actually went to the store, bought fabric, pull out my sewing machine and made a costume for Halloween.  Either way, this girl feels like a princess!

My mom made me a Cinderella costume when I was a little girl, too.  I remember it was white and had sparkly silver tulle.  I had a ribbon neck choker and I loved that dress!

For my daughter’s dress, I used Simplicity Threads Pattern 3978 (I guess it’s not in print anymore, because it’s not on their website anywhere…), but I added about 12 inches to the length.  I used Homemade Toast’s Cinderella Princess Dress Costume for the “hip poofs.”  I just scrolled down to the poof instructions. 

I did a light blue, to match the headband we already had, for the bodice and skirt, and a white print (it’s hard to see the print in pictures, but it’s cute!) for the sleeves and hip poofs.  I also have a lace trim from my grandmother’s stock that added a nice touch to the bodice and skirt hem.  The hip poofs have some tulle inside to add stiffness.  I used a ribbon for the neck choker and then sewed hems and snap closures on the ends. 

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Cinderella CostumeAnnaVirginia Fashion - Cinderella Costume

There is also a pink organza slip/petticoat that I made to give some structure to the skirt portion since it was weighed down so heavily by the hip poofs.  It looks great with the added body underneath.  Now my daughter just wants glass slippers! 

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Cinderella CostumeAnnaVirginia Fashion - Cinderella Costume

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