November 04, 2013

One More Halloween Post…

AnnaVirginia Fashion: Jedi CostumeI know Halloween has come and gone, but I have to let you know about one more costume that I made this year.  I’ve only got a few photos, and they are blurry (thanks to pictures at dusk without a tripod!), but you should still be able to get the idea.

My husband hasn’t had much of a costume the last several years.  Back when he was in high school, his mom put together a Jedi costume for him, which he loved and so did his little sister!  Anyway, my husband moved out and got married (to me!) and left the costume behind.  And it’s been more-or-less claimed by his little sister.  So he asked me to whip up one in time for our church’s trunk-or-treat activity.

It didn’t give me much time, but I finished with 24 hours to spare!  I bought 5 yards of heavy knit polyester (color: Potting Soil) for the Jedi robe and a cotton bed sheet (color: Brown Stone) to use for the v-neck shirt cover.  I used this website to help guide me in constructing both parts.  Their instructions cracked me up!  But the product turned out quite nice.  And my husband likes it, which it the true test!

The v-neck portion is sort of like a vest, so it just goes on top of whatever other shirt is being worn.  The idea is that it will be hidden beneath the robe the entire time while worn.  This was a good time-saving option for me!  I attached a waist band, made from the same fabric as the v-neck, to the front of the v-neck part.  That way he will just slip the v-neck over his head and wrap the band around.  It hides the stitching that was done to hold the v-neck portions together.

The robe is a simple design that is easy to modify as long as your fabric is big enough.  The knit comes in 59” (1.5m) wide, so I needed to add length for my husband’s longer arms.  I also made the hood even bigger, at 18 by 36 inches (46 by 92 cm).

AnnaVirginia Fashion: Jedi CostumeAnnaVirginia Fashion: Jedi Costume

This was a fun and fairly quick project!  Now we’ll just have to find a decent light saber – the little glow stick just doesn’t cut it!

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