April 05, 2014

Penguin Pal

DSC_7792If you remember, I posted about a set of fleece blankets I made for my kids a while back, as well as a monkey to match my son’s blanket.  Well, I said back then that I was going to make a penguin to match my daughter’s blanket. 

I made it in time for her birthday which was back in November, but I’m finally getting to tell you about it. 

The penguin has a pink beak and pink feet.  Doesn’t he look liked he’d waddle if he could walk?  My daughter has decided to name him “Penguino,” which is Spanish for penguin.  He’s a boy in spite of the pink accents.  He’s got a face to match the applique from the blanket.

I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Cream, Black and Pink.  The scarf used Parfait and Mixed Berries. It turned out way cute and he’s good for snuggling.  I also made him a hat that matches the scarf, but it disappears.  Maybe I should have sewn it on!


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