July 25, 2014

Mesh Cloche with Flower

There is a
pattern in my Pattern Shop that I wrote back in 2011.  I noticed it had a few errors and so I wanted to fix those up, as well as add more sizes to the pattern.  Well, I’ve finished and I’ve got it published again for your convenience!  The pattern is only $4.55 (USD) and now has sizing for Toddler, Child and Adult.

It’s a feminine hat with the flower pattern included.  The top of the hat features a mesh design, and then there is a solid band near the forehead.  I suggest using worsted weight yarns.  If the hat-wearer’s head is itch-prone, I recommend using cotton worsted weight yarn.

The hat has a lot of “negative ease.”  That means that it can stretch.  Even if that hat says it’s for a head that is 22 inches (56 cm) circumference, the hat can stretch to accommodate a head circumference of around 26 inches (66 cm).  For best sizing, measure the hat-wearer’s head circumference (across forehead and around the back) with a measuring tape.  Then choose the size that closest matches their head circumference.  It can be a larger or smaller size depending on how loose or tight they prefer their hats.



The pattern has the same instructions for all three sizes.  The way to change the sizes is to use different size hooks.  Here is a chart showing what the pattern requires:

This pattern is available at my pattern shop or through Ravelry.  Either location uses your Paypal account to pay for the pattern.  I’m really excited to release this updated version!  If you have any questions about any pattern or purchasing, please contact me at shopannavirginia@gmail.com.

But what if you don’t crochet?  Well, I can make one for you!  I have similar hats already in my shop, but I can make a custom hat (choose your size and colors) and send it out to you.  Just contact me at the same address: shopannavirginia@gmail.com.

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