August 31, 2014

Elsa Frozen Dress for My Daughter

My daughter, along with many others, set her heart on having an “Elsa Dress” after watching Disney’s movie “Frozen.”  I know many moms have been making their daughters Elsa and Anna dresses, and I’m no exception!Elsa Frozen Dress - AnnaVirginia Fashion

The dress I made is stretchy and has no zippers (although it does have an unnecessary button closure on the back neck), so that my daughter can pull it on and off without any assistance.  This is so nice!  I used a Simplicity pattern (#1785) for stretch fabric to give me a sizing on the top part of the dress.  This could have been done tracing a shirt of hers, but I felt a little more comfortable using a pattern.  I modified the pattern to have a change of fabric-type just above the armpits and to be longer than the included dress pattern.Elsa Frozen Dress - AnnaVirginia Fashion

The fabrics I chose were all from Joann Fabrics, although the white sparkle fabric was from my stash.  The teal fabric for the main part of the bodice doesn’t have sparkles, but the sheer fabric for the long train is very glittery!Elsa Frozen Dress - AnnaVirginia Fashion

I got my grandmother’s serger (it came to me when she passed away) up and running, so I decided to use it to attach the pieces together.  This was a good thing since my sewing machine hated sewing these fabrics together and made a big mess whenever I tried!  Unfortunately, I ended up having to make the length of the dress quite a bit shorter than I had intended because the sewing machine ruined a section of fabric.  So glad I have the serger available!Elsa Frozen Dress - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Initially I had the train sewn right into the seam along the back.  However, after it got stepped on it started to pull right out of the seam.  So I took the dress back to my machine and added Velcro to make the train detachable.  The idea is that if it’s stepped on, then it will pull off, but the Velcro is pretty strong!  It has been nice to be able to take it off when she wants to play hard but keep the dress on.Elsa Frozen Dress - AnnaVirginia Fashion

It didn’t turn out perfect, mainly because of my lack of experience with stretchy fabrics (and my frustrated sewing machine didn’t help!).  But the serger made it a quick project to put together and my daughter loves to wear it.  She plans on using it for Halloween, but that’s still a couple months away.  I wonder how many girls will be Elsa for Halloween this year?

I’ve made my family their Halloween costumes in the past.  Check out my Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Ladybug/Bumblebee and the Jedi costumes!

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