September 15, 2014

Bedskirt Madness: Number 1

Bedskirt Madness: Number 1 - AnnaVirginia FashionI’ve decided to turn my pregnancy nesting instincts to de-stashing some of my fabrics!  I thought I’d use some of the fabrics that I have no idea what to do with to work on bed skirts for various beds in my house.

First off, I added some length to the baby crib skirt.  The skirt I used for my first daughter is a great length for the dropped crib height.  But while this baby is at newborn-crib-height, I wanted something longer that would hide the “under-the-bed drawers” that we’ll be using for her clothes when she’s born.  By the way, the bedroom is a cozy 10 x 11 feet with a bunk bed and crib.  We’ll be fitting three kids in there so we won’t have room for a dresser!

I have some pink fabric that I don’t love.  I’m not sure how I acquired it, but I haven’t figured out a use for it until now.  It matches the pink that was already in the crib bedding so I decided I would add fabric to the existing bed skirt!  I divided the 3 yards in half lengthwise.  Then I divided what I had into four sections for surrounding the crib.  I gathered it up and then used my serger to attach it to the serged hem on the existing skirt.  It turned out a little short (you could still see the drawers under the crib), so I added some eyelet trim that I had acquired from my grandmother.  Now it’s perfect!

Bedskirt Madness: Number 1 - AnnaVirginia Fashion

When I lower the crib height after she’s gotten bigger, I will just tuck the newer pink portion under the mattress area and leave the original plaid part out.  I think it turned out great!Bedskirt Madness: Number 1 - AnnaVirginia Fashion

How do you make the most of the space in your house?

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