March 20, 2015

Easter is Near!

Quick EasterHey Friends!  I’m sorry I’ve really slacked off in writing posts.  I was hoping to be rolling these out every other week, but three sick children (one was a baby who contracted pneumonia!) took all of my energy.

I’m not sure I’m recovered yet, so this post will pull in links from past posts and other sources.

So, here are some quick Easter projects you can make yourself for you or your kids!

Spring is such an inspiring time that I feel like making all kinds of colorful and fun things.  I’ve made all these, so they are tried-and-true! And to top it all off, the patterns are all free:

Summer Sun Hat by AnnaVirginia Fashion

A quick project that you can make for babies and small girls.



Bunny Easter Baskets by Lily/Sugar’n Cream (requires free membership)

The cutest Easter-egg-hunters use these bags!



Baby’s Gone Hunting Vest by Karla Hastings

A quick project for a little man’s Easter outfit! Check out my mods here.



Crocheted Flower: Irish Rose by Lion Heart Brand (requires free membership)

Add this flower to a headband, hat, hairclip or anything you can think of!  You can make many different sizes depending on your hook and yarn!



Could any of these be handy for filling an Easter basket for loved ones or for putting those finishing touches on a new Easter outfit?  I hope they help you out!

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