April 03, 2015

Totally Retro Crochet Sweater-Jacket

steph3My church has a program for the young girls (ages 12-18) to participate in.  As a member of this group (appropriately called “Young Women”), we had goals to achieve and projects to complete to help build character, develop talents and deepen our faith.  We could cater the projects to our interests and learn new things in the meanwhile (if you’re curious about the program, visit: Young Women Personal Progress).

One of the projects I decided to do was to make a patchwork crochet sweater (sounds so cool already, I know!).  I found one to use as a guide in this amazing book, Illustrated Patchwork Crochet by Bella Scharf (c. 1976).  The pattern uses crochet squares to make a pullover sweater, but I decided that I would like mine as a jacket with a strap across the waist.  I drew up some plans on graph paper and counted how many squares I would need…. a whole bunch!

        drawing 7 mod

I did a basic square (called Granny Square Two in the book) in one of two different colors.  I used what yarn I had on hand, since I’d acquired a lot of skeins of yarn from my grandmothers after they each passed away.  I believe they were Red Heart Super Saver in Aran and Rose (these were shades that were available in the 1990s).  After I completed all the squares, I sewed them all together according to my plans.  Then I crocheted a sash and when I wore it to school the first time, people were impressed! Thanks to my sister who modeled it for me!

stephcrochet sweater sleevesteph2

This may have been my first clothing item that I had crocheted.  It was quite a project for a high school girl, but it turned out pretty neat.  Over time the yarn began to pill, which would really be my only complaint.  Oh, and that it’s way too warm to wear in Las Vegas, where I now live!

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