May 27, 2015

New Kitchen Curtains!

New Curtains - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Three years ago I blogged about the curtains I had made for my kitchen.  I really liked them for all that time.  My only complaint was that since the windows weren’t covered all the way and then the sun would peak through those little holes in the blinds (where the string is threaded through to operate the lift system).

So I decided to cover up those holes a little better.  I was inspired by Christina at The Frugal Homemaker.  I have tall windows, so this seemed like a solution that would work, look great and not cost a lot of money.

New Curtains - AnnaVirginia FashionLooking at my walls, I decided that I would do white curtains to contrast the light beige walls.  I also measured the window widths and figured that I could do a pair of twin flat sheets for each window.  I ran to my local Walmart and was disappointed that there were NONE in stock!  Maybe everyone else was already doing the same project?

So as soon as I could, I ran to the next closest Walmart and found four flat sheets.  Only four, which wouldn’t be enough!  I bought the four anyway and hoped that I would find the rest soon.  I started with the four I had and washed and pressed them.  Then I measured out the cuts I wanted to do to follow the link to see how Christina made them) and then hung the curtain rods up high (95 inches/ above the ground!).  I decided to use the simple white rods that I already had, because they allow the curtain to go around and hide the light from peaking through on the sides.
make the tabs (
I eventually found two more pairs and finished those up.  It took me a couple weeks to finish mainly
because of having a hard time finding the sheets!

New Curtains - AnnaVirginia Fashion
After hanging them up I felt that leaving the cuts unsewn was not a good idea.  I have kids who run through the kitchen right behind that table and they just *have* to pull on the curtains as they go zooming past and I could just envision the slit ripping.  I did a basic stitch at the same level as the tops of the slits I had made and re-hung them.  You can’t even see the stitching! 

I love how simple these curtains were to put together!  Too bad it was so hard to find at the store, though.  And they can’t be purchased online, so you just have to do what you can.

Check out the before-and-after picture… I think it looks super stylish!  I also think my staging and photographing skills have improved!

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