July 09, 2015

Three Children in a 10’ by 10’ Bedroom

DSCF9049When we moved into our rental, I had some information on the home that led me to believe that the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms were each 10’x12’ (3.05 m by 3.66 m).  Then after having lived here for a few years, I decided to use my measuring tape and found out that the rooms are not that size at all!  The dimensions are actually 9’10” by 10’4” (2.99 m by 3.15 m).

We like to have a separate room for our guests (we don’t live close to our family), so we decided we’d put the three children in the same room (it’s a great way to train kids and babies to get used to noises and to sleep through them.  I’m sure it doesn’t work for every kid, but it has worked for us so far).  How can we fit three little people in a little room?

The traditional solution is a bunk bed.  What a great way to conserve space!  I love that the kids are able to make use of the vertical space like that.  The ceilings are 9’, but they just need to watch out for the ceiling fan.  I learned that no matter where you put a bunk bed in a room that size, they will have the ceiling fan encroaching on their space! (Rule #1: No standing on the bunk bed!)

We also have two little dressers from Ikea (Ikea RAST) which we painted, that don’t take up as much space as your traditional dressers do.  Those little dressers are the perfect size for small children clothes.


Their toys all go in the other room, so we didn’t need to worry about space for those in this room.  There is no changing table in this room.  We just don’t have room!  Half the time I end up changing the baby on the floor or using the crib (don’t worry, I use a changing mat!), so we decided we didn’t need that furniture.  I have a nice little shelf in the closet that holds the diaper-changing essentials.


Also in the closet I have set up kid-friendly access to their hanging clothes.  This has been a great decision! Every morning they can get dressed in whichever type of clothes are right for the day, even on Sundays when we wear our Sunday best.  They don’t need help reaching the clothes anymore, just maybe some help with a button or zipper.  They feel so fancy when they have such easy access to their belongings.  The rod is just an extra shower curtain rod I had hanging around.


It’s still a cozy set-up, but it worked.  We actually have changed things all around again before I even got to write this post.  But I thought I’d share some of what I’d learned.  How do you manage the bedrooms in your home?


  1. I love it! Small spaces just mean you have to get more creative. You did great!

  2. We fit 2 cribs, a toddler bed, 2 dressers & a rocking chair in ours. Its bigger than 10x10, but I don't know the dimensions. The rocking chair blocked the closet, and there's on enough room for my small frame in between the cribs, but it works for us, for now.

    1. Wow! Before we rearranged and had the kids in the other room (about the same size), we had the rocking chair angled in the corner in front of the closet as well. Gotta do what works!


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