September 23, 2015

It's Been a While...

These are the boxes I'd already unpacked!
Hello World!

It has been crazy since I last posted.  My husband applied for a double promotion at an office within his company that was located in a different state, and was offered the position!  Within 7 weeks we accepted, found a new home to rent, moved and registered my first kindergartner for school in our new town in Southern California.  That was intense, to say the least!

Our first two weeks in our new place were interesting, because the new rental didn’t include a fridge, washing machine, or dryer (those are usually included in any house in Las Vegas!).  We were able to borrow my parents mini fridge, which wasn’t too bad (except that it only fit one gallon of milk with the other stuff, so we ran to the grocery store often!). 

The reason for the two-week wait was because our amazing company offered us an “extra paycheck” to cover “moving incidentals,” so we wanted to wait for the check to order the appliances.  Then we ordered through, which sounded like a good idea.  Their prices were better than other places when comparing products, but we would have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive.  So we did what we could for the time, including borrowing the mini fridge and also using a new friend’s laundry machines, for which we are so grateful!

The new "maids" are hard at work catching up!
The new appliances arrived one week before my birthday, so that was fun timing!  And I have to say that these are the nicest things I have ever owned and used on a regular basis!  I am impressed with how clean our clothes are getting with the new washer.  I don’t know if that washer in our last place was doing a very good job….

Anyway, I’m excited to have them and to be living in this nice house in this new town! The kids’ room is so much roomier (woo hoo!), and I don’t plan on filling in the space like I did (or had to) in the last place.
And just a little FYI: I’ve gotten rid of the other part of my website (I’m no longer using the web hosting service that I had before), so I was in the middle of updating everything when all of these changes in my real life happened.  So I’ll get back on board as soon as a busy SAHM mom of three kids can.

Life is good!

It's beautiful here!

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