December 04, 2016

4 Little Sweaters

4 Little Sweaters - AnnaVirginia FashionSo, tomorrow I'm going to the hospital to have my fourth baby.  I decided about 2 weeks ago that I had to have a gift from the baby and me for the other three children to give them at the hospital.  I decided that coordinating sweaters and vests would be adorable!

I found a couple patterns (I didn't want to improvise the whole thing) that would work and went from there.  I did have to improvise quite a bit as it was, because these patterns call for different weight yarn than what I used.  I can eventually type up what modifications I did, but for now I really wanted to post the adorable set that I made.  I'm excited to give them to my children when they visit me at the hospital tomorrow!

To make sure they fit well enough, I did do size-tests on the kids.  But then I hid them away and they haven't asked me about them since, so that is good.

The baby size is about 3 months, then the little girl sweater is about 2T, then the bigger boy vest is 5T and the bigger girl sweater is about size 7.

I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn to make these, since that yarn is very stretchy.  I'm so excited!

The boys' vests are inspired by Elfin Hat and Vest by Patons (free pattern).
The girls' sweaters are inspired by Flower Cardigan by Vendula Maderska (free pattern download with Ravelry login)
4 Little Sweaters - AnnaVirginia Fashion

4 Little Sweaters - AnnaVirginia Fashion

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