March 25, 2017

Throw Pillows Revamped

Throw Pillows Revamped - AnnaVirginia FashionA few months ago I worked on repairing/revamping a two sets of throw pillows.  I’ve wanted to write a blog post about it since, but I’m finally getting to it now!

When I was newly married about 9 years ago, my husband and I bought two sets of microfiber throw pillows from Costco.  They were a good deal and we each got a favorite color of ours.  After a couple kids, several washes and out-of-state moves, the stuffing inside was not as fluffy as it was originally.  In fact, it was lumpy. 

I opened them up and took out the yucky, matted, old filling and put in some new stuff.  It lasted a short while because the new stuff I put into them was poor quality so the pillows went flat pretty quickly. That was disappointing!

Recently, I ended up with two pairs of twin size pillows that are from Costco and only $10.  They were stuffed with memory foam chunks and the fabric holding them was felt and then a zippered cotton cover.  They were very uncomfortable to sleep on (too hard, thick and smelly, in case you’re wondering)!

Throw Pillows Revamped - AnnaVirginia FashionThrow Pillows Revamped - AnnaVirginia Fashion

I decided to use them for stuffing the throw pillows! I used three twin-size pillows’ worth of stuffing for four throw pillows.  I cut the zippered cotton covers down to the size of my throw pillows while retaining the zippered side (twin size pillows are 16x20” and the throw pillows are 16x16”, so it was quite simple!).
Throw Pillows Revamped - AnnaVirginia Fashion

While the throw pillows were un-stuffed, I figured I should add some zippers to the microfiber fabric. (Back in the day I washed all four pillows in the washing machine and once time one pillow didn’t go down far enough into the basin.  It rubbed the whole time on a lip in the washer and burned a jagged line/hole into the pillow.  It was a sad day, but I stitched it back together and we still use it!  I just try to put it’s “scar” facing to the back!).  I found zippers that are great color matches! It was a bit tricky to sew them in there, but not as bad as trying to stitch on the zippers while the pillows were stuffed.

Throw Pillows Revamped - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Once the cotton covers/inserts were ready, I stuffed them with the memory foam chunks, and zipped them closed.  Then I put the inserts into the microfiber covers and zipped those closed.  I fluffed them up and they looked great!  If they start to go flat, I just punch them like a punching bag and do a couple karate chops and they look great again. Hi-ya!

Throw Pillows Revamped - AnnaVirginia Fashion

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