May 30, 2017

Pattern Feature: Piggy Peeps (AnnaVirginia Fashion's first!)

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Pattern Feature: Piggy Peeps
I'm realizing that I've been writing patterns for 7 years this month.  I've released 18 patterns over that time, eight of which are free and the rest are less than $5.00 USD.  To celebrate, I'll do a pattern spotlight and offer that pattern for free (if I charge for it) for that month!  Details to retrieve a free copy will be given in each specific post.

To start off, I'm going to spotlight the first pattern that I released and tell you how it came to be.

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Pattern Feature: Piggy PeepsI started first with my popular "Piggy Peeps."  I actually decided to really get into crocheting when I was pregnant with my first baby.  My husband and I left the state in 2009 to pursue an internship in Las Vegas for him over that summer.  I had just graduated with my bachelor degree and since I was pregnant and knew we'd only be in Vegas for a few months, I decided not to search for a job.  Instead I slept a lot (I can't tell you how exhausted being pregnant makes me!), and I watched a lot of HGTV (we had free cable TV at our place there and I'd never had cable before, lol).  I also got inspired to create, create, create.  I began sewing all kinds of projects, started crocheting all kinds of patterns, and was just starting to see so many things I could design. When the baby was born I joined and loved being part of a crochet-lovers world!
AnnaVirginia Fashion - Pattern Feature: Piggy Peeps

A year later, with a baby in-tow, we returned to Vegas for a second summer internship.  Being a new mom is it's own kind of adventure!  I definitely wasn't wanting to find a job with a new baby, and with such a short stay again. But I was a little less exhausted this time.  And I don't think we had free cable... I can't remember!  I do remember getting a little antsy when the baby was sleeping, the weather was blistering (yay, Vegas), and I had hardly any friends! So, I got busy online this time!

I started an Etsy shop (shop not running right now), a blog and was busy all the time with Ravelry.  I began creating new designs, like my design for baby slippers, with peep toes.  I had people message me on Ravelry asking if I could write up a pattern or make a YouTube tutorial.  Um... well, I wasn't comfortable making a video but I could certainly type up a pattern and I thought I could include detailed photos!
AnnaVirginia Fashion - Pattern Feature: Piggy Peeps

My first pattern turned out beautiful, if I say so myself.  After that I realized I could design and write up more!

So, here is AnnaVirginia Fashion's first released and second-most popular pattern!

Blog Post Version, click here

Access to Free PDF via Ravlery, click here

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Pattern Feature: Piggy Peeps

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