October 04, 2017

Curtains for Small Windows

In our current place, the kids bedrooms have these smaller windows as well as large windows.  For about a year of living here I didn't know what to do with them.  The sun would shine right through them and blind our eyes and keep my kids awake, so something definitely needed to happen!

I liked the light coming through the windows, so I started out with an opaque window cling on the windows (I had enough leftover from covering a different window).  This really allows the light to come in without letting the sun burn our eyeballs.

My next problem was that during summer break the sun would shine on our kids and either wake them early or keep them from going to sleep at a decent hour.  So when we switched their rooms up for a Girl's Bedroom and a Boy's Bedroom, I decided it was time to make some custom size blackout curtains.  (FYI: they don't seem to make blackout curtains for windows this small... so custom was a great way to go).

I found some "home" fabrics that I liked and got 1.5 yards (1.37 m) of each.  For the girl's room I was going for something that had purples, pinks and oranges in the colors, and I found the perfect fabric! For the boy's room I wanted blues, greens and oranges or yellows, but I found something with just blues and greens.  It's got a funky design, but I thought it worked for a boy's room with a Monster and Space vibe.

I followed a tutorial from View Along the Way (which was very helpful!).  She said she heavily relied on a pattern from another blog, but that blog no longer exists!  Just in case the blog I used ever disappears, I'll eventually type up a tutorial on my blog as well.  Plus I'll include any modifications I've added and I'll hopefully make it very clear as to how to put it all together.  I'm doing this mostly for myself; you'd be surprised how many times I come back to my own blog to follow my own tutorials when I'm making stuff!

Anyway, for today I'm going to show you what I've done.  I've got another curtain (I'm excited about it!) that I'm working on where I'll take pictures and prepare a tutorial from, and I'll link it up once it's available!

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