November 05, 2018

My 20th Design! Square Owl Hat

My 20th Design Square Owl Hat - AnnaVirginia FashionThis month marks the release of my 20th crochet pattern! I've been designing since 2010, when my first daughter was an infant. I have continued to design as I've had three more children after her!

I'm always designing in my mind, but if you've written a crochet pattern, you know it takes time. But I love it!

This Square Owl Hat was originally designed back in about 2011, but has evolved a lot since then and finally been written out, edited, and published in a magazine! The pattern includes sizes from NEWBORN to LARGE ADULT! So you can make one for anyone--any size--in your list of family and friends to give gifts to.  Which is why it's in the magazine issue called "Great for Gifting."

The yarn used on these hats is Aran Weight, and doesn't use much at all.  Aside from the main colors of the hat, the tassels, braid tassels, owl eyes, and beak are all great scrap busters since those parts don't use much yarn at all. Even the main colors on the hat don't use too much yarn, either!
My 20th Design Square Owl Hat - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Until January 2019, this pattern will be exclusively in the Happily Hooked digital magazine (and in limited print copies mid-December).  The digital magazine is available at Ravelry for $7.99USD and includes 9 additional patterns from various designers and articles related to crochet! After that, you will be able to purchase the pattern directly from my Ravelry page if interested.

Happy Holidays!
My 20th Design Square Owl Hat - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Clockwise around: Red/Gray Hat - Large Adult
Pink/Black - Small Adult
Blue/Brown - Large Child
Orange/Cream - Small Child
Gray/Black - Infant
Green/Red - Newborn

My 20th Design Square Owl Hat - AnnaVirginia Fashion

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