August 26, 2011

Keep Readers Reading...

Here's a blog post with an awesome HTML hint to allow your blog posts to open links in a new tab/window!  I've been looking for this advice, and here it is!

Here's what she says about herself:
My first book, The Key of Kilenya, is being released as an ebook on June 28, 2011, and six weeks later in print. I'm a writer for the magazine Mormon Artist and graduated last April (10) from Brigham Young University (bachelor of science - Communications Disorders). Writing is the chocolate of my life - it is, in fact, the only thing I ever crave. :-) Being with family and close friends is where I'm happiest, and I LOVE thunderstorms, the ocean, sharks, public speaking, and traveling.
Check out her blog - she's the author of a newly released novel: "The Key of Kilenya."

August 10, 2011

Basic Sewing: How to read a pattern tutorial-PART 3

AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

 You are at Part 3.  Follow links to access Part 1 and Part 2.


· Baste: Can be used to hold pieces in place until garment has finishing seams. Longest stitch length on sewing machine or a long length stitch by hand.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

· Seam: Regular length stitch to attach two or more pattern pieces together. Typical seam allowance is 5/8 inch, unless specified in pattern.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

· Hem: Fabric folded twice and sewn to prevent edges from fraying to to give a clean, professional and finished look.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

· Stay stitching: Regular-length stitch done on individual pattern pieces at points of great stress (ex: underarm, crotch). Adds extra strength and lengthens the life of the finished garment.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

· Gather: Fabric is sewn using baste stitching and then pulled together to form fullness in finished garment. (Below: sleeve at shoulder and at hem near elbow)
AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

· Pleat: Fabric folded over itself to allow for fit at fold (ex: waistline) and still have extra fabric at opposite end.
AnnaVirginia Fashion: How to read a pattern - SEWING

· Dart: Sewn folds in fabric to make garment fit over fuller parts of the body (ex: hips and bust)

August 07, 2011

How to Manage an Effective FACEBOOK Page

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, just about every business has a Facebook Page.  Businesses don’t have a page just because it’s the popular thing to do; it’s a way of getting into the world of your potential customers.  A Facebook Page centralizes quick links to your main website and contact info, it showcases desired photos, and can even connect customers who can share personal stories of success with your product.  Best of all – it’s free!
All you need is a little bit of time to set up the page and then spend a few minutes a few times a week to check how things are going.

Facebook Page SET-UP

If you want a Facebook Page, but don’t have one yet, here is a great link specifically for Etsy Sellers.  Be sure to set up your “MyEtsy” section.  Here’s what mine looks like:
my etsy on facebook
Click Image to Enlarge
Update: 7 Mar 2012 - My Etsy app is no longer available.  However, keep reading to get other suggestions that help with your shop's Facebook page.
The MyEtsy application shows your banner with your shop items.  If they click on an item, it will take them directly to the item’s listing in your shop at Etsy.  Also, if a page visitor clicks on “Share,” then their Facebook post will include a link to the same item’s listing at Etsy.  Handy, don’t you think?
When you have at least 25 fans, you can get a shortened link address.  This makes it much easier to share your site address.  When logged into Facebook, go to  Select the Page that you are giving a username.  If you click “Check Availability,” it will automatically assume you want it if it’s available, so be sure to pick something you like and can easily remember.


Now you’ve got a page. 
Here are some tips of what to post and how to encourage visits and comments on your page.
  • Post Lots of Links
    • Etsy Treasuries (featuring you, one’s you like, some you’ve made, etc.)
    • Blog posts (if you keep a blog, this is a great way to announce that you’ve posted something new!)
    • Blog features (include links when other blogs are featuring your shop)
    • New Items in your shop
    • New shops (promote friends, family and fellow-sellers!) – tag their Facebook Page in your post by using the “@” symbol just before their page name
post links
Click Image to Enlarge
  • Showcase “1000 Words” (Photos) – Pictures are a great way to get people to look!  For most people, it seems to be easier to process photos than reading words.
    • New items
    • New logos
    • Current Items (sometimes posting a photo of an item that’s been sitting in the shop can give it new activity.  Better yet, post a new photo of the same item)
    • Plans – sometimes you can spark interest by sharing a photo (just give them a hint, not the whole plan!) of something you’ve got in the works
Click Image to Enlarge
  • Be a Person, Be Personable
    • Respond to comments left on your page in a timely manner. 
      • To quickly check if anyone has made a comment, click on “Notifications” in the menu on the right side of the page. 
      • If there is anything new, there will be a number (how many notifications you have waiting) that will be floating at the end of the word “Notifications”
    • Be friendly
      • The Etsy world gives us a unique opportunity to give personalized customer service even to people across the world
      • Show that you care about them as a person as well as a potential customer
    • Share Success
      • Ask select customers if they wouldn’t mind taking a photo of the item they purchased from you and linking it to your page.
      • They can also share by uploading a photo to your page
be a person
Click Image to Enlarge

Those are the three main things that I do to keep my page engaging.  I’d love to get more ideas!  If you do something on your Facebook Page that works, please leave a comment and share with our readers!

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