I’m Anna, and I first learned to crochet and sew around age five. I started off by making my dolls all of their own clothes. I would even wrap the clothes up and put them under the tree for the doll to open on Christmas!
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Working on my "Senior Project" in 2003
I’ve been designing ever since! In high school I took sewing classes, and was always ahead in the class, but I still didn’t know that it was my future. I finally realized after I’d already been in college for two years, and was getting ready to serve a mission for my Church. I found that clothing was something I loved to wear, modify, and design. Realizing that I want to help the world, clothing is a great path to follow because it is one of the three basic items that a person needs to survive; Food, Clothing and Shelter. With this talent, I can clothe the world, one item at a time.
About - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Making a Wedding Dress in 2009
I finished my bachelor degree in Clothing Design in April 2009, and have since been a Homemaker. I take care of my husband and children and make them and myself many projects that will keep them clothed and warm for years to come.
About - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Now I crochet various projects and design crochet patterns in my free time (being a mom takes a lot of time!). I've been designing crochet patterns since 2010 and have continued to do so throughout the years so that I now have more than 20 patterns available. If there are any questions on any of my patterns, you can contact me at shopannavirginia@gmail.com.