Site Disclaimer

   This blog is to share my personal insights and crochet patterns that I've produced. I provide these patterns for free and I also share links about paid patterns I'm selling on other sites.  Do not sell any of my patterns as your own.

   I do my best to provide accurate information, but I do make mistakes. I'll do my best to address them, but cannot be held responsible for them.

   The photos posted on this site are to share details and insights and are not intended for copying. Contact me if you would like to use my photos for consent and better quality without my logo. I will take requests under consideration but do not guarantee that I will give consent.

   I make a small amount of money from this blog by the ads you see and click. Cookies are used by the ad company to provide you with ads that relate to your interests (I do not choose them).

   I'm only affiliated with one companies that pays me. Happily Hooked Magazine, who publishes some of my patterns in their publications.

   The business links I provide are simply to allow you to know the source of my supplies in case you want to duplicate all or any part of my creations.
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