Hair Flower No-Slip Clips Pattern/Tutorial

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Hair Flower No-Slip Clips

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·  Yarn (Great stash-buster! Takes about 6 yards [5.5 m] yarn, depending on yarn weight)
·  4.0mm (G) crochet hook
·  Scissors
·  Double Prong Hair Clips
·  3/8-inch-wide (9.5mm wide) Ribbon (Satin or Grosgrain work great)
·  Button (I used 5/8 inch buttons)
·  Butane Lighter (for sealing edges of ribbon)
·  Hot Glue Gun
·  Hot Glue Sticks
Pattern is written using American crochet terms.

FLOWER PATTERN: (supplies needed: yarn, crochet hook, scissors)
Ch 2.
Row 1: Sc 8 times in first ch. Sl st to first sc. (8 sc)
Row 2: Ch 1. Sc twice in each st. (16 sc)
Row 3: Make PETAL as follows: [sl st, ch 3, dc] in first st.  [dc, ch 3, sl st] into second st.
Repeat PETAL around. (8 petals)

Fasten off. Leave about a 1 inch (3 cm) tail.
RIBBON COVERED NO-SLIP CLIPS: (supplies needed: glue gun and sticks, ribbon, double prong clips, scissors, lighter)
Pre-heat glue gun to warm up glue sticks.
Cut Ribbon to 4.5 inches (11.5 cm). Check the ribbon’s fit on the double prong clips, to ensure good coverage.
Carefully use a lighter to gently burn and seal edges of ribbon to prevent fraying.

Using pictures for guidance, apply hot glue using glue gun to inside of upper level of the double prong clips.  Carefully attach ribbon.  Next, apply glue to top of upper level of double prong clips. Attach ribbon. Last, apply glue to outside of bottom level of clip, without getting glue onto the prongs.  Allow glue to cool.

To add no-slip portion: While holding clip open, apply a squiggle of glue to inside of upper level of the double prong clip (portion covered in ribbon). Hold clip open while glue dries.

Use hot glue to securely attach button to front of crochet flower.

Apply hot glue to outside of upper level of double prong clip (portion covered in fabric).  Hide loose ends of crochet flower in between clip and flower.


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