May 01, 2018

My First Time in a Magazine!

I feel like Mike Wazowski, from Monsters Inc., who is excited to be on the cover of a magazine!  I'm not on the cover, but I did get my first pattern published in a magazine.  It's called Happily Hooked magazine and they do monthly digital issues and print issues every other month.

My "debut" is in their May 2018 issue (or in the May/June 2018 in print), shown to the left. I'm so excited!  I have this pattern available for download in several locations for $5.00 (Ravelry, Etsy, and Craftsy).  However, if you're interested, you can purchase the Happily Hooked digital magazine for $7.99 and get several other patterns included.  Not a bad deal. Some of the other patterns in the issue also look fun!

Anyway, I'm pretty excited and so I had to share my news! I'm hoping to get at least one more pattern published in a magazine this year, so keep your eyes open. In the meanwhile, I'm always thinking of more patterns that I can add to my website as well!

January 07, 2018

Happy New Year! Announcements from AnnaVirginia Fashion!

Happy New Year! -AnnaVirginia Fashion
I was going to write this post before the new year and already have it published, but better late than never!

This year I've got some changes going on for AnnaVirginia Fashions!

First off, I will be raising the prices on my paid crochet patterns. They have been the same price for 8 years (how can it be that long since I started writing patterns!?). I will be simply rounding them up to the nearest dollar, so they aren't going up in price too much.

Next, I will be posting them in my shop on Etsy (which was on "vacation" for 5 years!). I've got four patterns listed already and I just need to finish listing the others. It's taking a bit of work to do some "housecleaning" on the shop, patterns and listings.

Third, I will be updating all of my published patterns so they are streamlined. If you've purchased one from me through Ravelry, you'll receive an updated version (I love Ravelry!).

Fourth, I've been updating and revamping my website (I think it's looking better already!). This is taking a lot of time because I'm working with it on the HTML level... I'm a novice so it's tricky.

FIFTH, which is most exciting and nerve-wrecking for me: I'm going to share more of my patterns in crochet publications (websites and magazines)! One of my proposals already has an offer and I'll  be providing a pattern for their May issue. I'll share details on that as I know more. I'm so excited! My kids are asking if that means I'll be famous, hah!

It's a very exciting start to a new year!

November 30, 2017

FREE PATTERN: Crochet Hair Flower No-Slip Clips

PATTERN NOTES: I have a new photo tutorial for you Do-It-Yourselfers out there. These crochet flower hair clips are a great stash buster! And I'm posting with just enough time to make a few before Christmas, if you would like to make these for a stocking-stuffer or gift. Now, I want you all to know that if you love the look of these hair clips and don’t *want* to do them yourself, I can make some for you.  Just send me a request at my email:  
As always, if you make these for others, please refer them to my blog to help me continue to receive traffic.  The traffic I receive to my blog helps me put out more posts and tutorials and crochet patterns!  
I have another free pattern that works well for Christmas, so check that out! Click here for Crochet Nativity.

Here is a blog-post version of my Hair Flower No-Slip Clips pattern.  You may print a copy of this post.  Click on a photo to enlarge. The pattern is also a free pattern via Ravelry.  You will need the latest version of Adobe to open the PDF.   Please do not sell or redistribute pattern as your own.

Hair Flower No-Slip Clips

·  Yarn (Great stash-buster! Takes about 6 yards [5.5 m] yarn, depending on yarn weight)
·  4.0mm (G) crochet hook
·  Scissors
·  Double Prong Hair Clips
·  3/8-inch-wide (9.5mm wide) Ribbon (Satin or Grosgrain work great)
·  Button (I used 5/8 inch buttons)
·  Butane Lighter (for sealing edges of ribbon)
·  Hot Glue Gun
·  Hot Glue Sticks
Pattern is written using American crochet terms.

FLOWER PATTERN: (supplies needed: yarn, crochet hook, scissors)
Ch 2.
Row 1: Sc 8 times in first ch. Sl st to first sc. (8 sc)
Row 2: Ch 1. Sc twice in each st. (16 sc)
Row 3: Make PETAL as follows: [sl st, ch 3, dc] in first st.  [dc, ch 3, sl st] into second st.
Repeat PETAL around. (8 petals)

Fasten off. Leave about a 1 inch (3 cm) tail.
RIBBON COVERED NO-SLIP CLIPS: (supplies needed: glue gun and sticks, ribbon, double prong clips, scissors, lighter)
Pre-heat glue gun to warm up glue sticks.
Cut Ribbon to 4.5 inches (11.5 cm). Check the ribbon’s fit on the double prong clips, to ensure good coverage.
Carefully use a lighter to gently burn and seal edges of ribbon to prevent fraying.

Using pictures for guidance, apply hot glue using glue gun to inside of upper level of the double prong clips.  Carefully attach ribbon.  Next, apply glue to top of upper level of double prong clips. Attach ribbon. Last, apply glue to outside of bottom level of clip, without getting glue onto the prongs.  Allow glue to cool.

To add no-slip portion: While holding clip open, apply a squiggle of glue to inside of upper level of the double prong clip (portion covered in ribbon). Hold clip open while glue dries.

Use hot glue to securely attach button to front of crochet flower.

Apply hot glue to outside of upper level of double prong clip (portion covered in fabric).  Hide loose ends of crochet flower in between clip and flower.


Copyright © 2017 AnnaVirginia Fashioneering
This pattern is licensed for personal use only. 
Do not sell this pattern as your own.

All Rights Reserved.
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